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Espoo is beautiful and full of history, a great place to live

Espoo has more than 260,000 residents and is Finland’s second largest city. Espoo is constantly developing and growing at a tremendous speed. According to a recent international comparative study, Espoo is the most sustainable city in Europe when measured using economic, sociocultural and ecological indicators.

One significant development was the completion of the West Metro in 2017. It makes commuting between Helsinki and Espoo easier and forms an even more effective transport connection for residents in both Espoo and Helsinki. The extension from Matinkylä to Kivenlahti is estimated to be completed in 2022.

In addition to development, Espoo is a central player in the sciences and international business, all the while offering a broad array of cultural activities as well. For example, the Espoo Cultural Center is one of the most important art platforms. The International Theatre of Finland puts on both international and Finnish theatre pieces.

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Avara’s rental apartments in Espoo

Finland’s second largest city, Espoo, is a successful and versatile network city made up of five urban centers. Espoo offers its residents the best of Finnish living, from gorgeous seaside views to the cultural and service offerings of a big city as well as the peaceful nature of the countryside. Avara has lovely locations in Espoo close to the dynamic Espoo center and in the family-favorite Niipperi in peaceful northern Espoo.

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Avara’s rental apartments in Espoo center

Avara has three locations in the lush Kiltakallio area, right next to Espoo center. The row houses and apartment buildings are located nearby a diverse selection of services and great traffic connections and are suitable for all sorts of families. For example, an active family will find a wide array of sports activities nearby, the surrounding forests are perfect for relaxing nature walks and shopping center Entresse is less than a kilometer away on foot.

Avara’s rental apartments in Muurala

Avara has spacious balcony access blocks and row houses in the green Muurala neighborhood, a popular choice among families. The small and comfortable housing cooperative is in a peaceful location on a cul-de-sac street. The school and kindergarten are nearby and there is also a large grocery store just half a kilometer away. The wide range of services at Espoo center is less than two kilometers away. The area has good bus connections.

Avara’s rental apartments in Niipperi

The row houses in peaceful Niipperi are in high demand and especially suitable for families with children and a car. The area is mainly owner-occupied and made up of small houses, surrounded by nature and an ever-growing service offering. Niipperi School is just around the corner. Apart from the lush nature, you can enjoy golf at the nearby golf course. Helsinki city center is an hour away by car.

Avara’s rental apartments in Tuomarila

Avara has cozy rental homes for a variety of needs near the Tuomarila railway station. The small apartments are suitable for those living alone and couples, while the row houses are well-suited for families. The versatile services of Espoo center are 1.5 kilometers away, and there is a kindergarten and a grocery store right next to the area. The area’s lush nature is perfect for exercising outdoors.