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On The Way Home

Reliable rental living for all life situations


Avara for Investors

Leading residential real estate investment and asset management company in Finland. We manage residential real estate in several funds with aggregated value of €1 billion.

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Apply for an apartment and find your new home

Our rental apartments are easy to find from our apartment search service. If you become interested, leave us an application and we will contact you as soon as we find a suitable rental home for you.

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Welcome Home

We hope that you enjoy your rental home every day, year after year. From the resident pages, you can find all necessary information for living at Avara, from the customer service contact details to useful tips for living in a rental apartment.

For residents
Flexible and reliable rental living
A rental apartment is an easy and flexible solution for living. As a renter, you do not need to worry about renovations, shareholder meetings or other matters that burden an owner. With Avara, you can trust the landlord to take care of its responsibilities and you can concentrate on carefree living.
Versatile and cozy rental homes around Finland

Our cozy and high-quality rental homes have modern equipment and they are available from the southernmost Finland all the way to Rovaniemi. Our apartment selection currently includes almost 8,000 high-quality rental apartments.

Changing apartments is easy and flexible
With Avara, you can easily change from one apartment to another as your life situation changes. We aim to make your apartment change as effortless as possible, whether it’s a matter of finding a larger apartment or moving to another city.
Our rental apartments