Avara’s rental apartments in Vantaa

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Vantaa is a beautiful city full of history

Vantaa is home to 200,000 residents and is Finland’s fourth largest city. Vantaa offers its residents art, culture, possibilities for recreational activities and outdoor exercise as well as shopping. Vantaa has also let loose and brought street art, graffiti and performance art to Vantaa Art Museum, so it definitely has an attitude among its big brothers Helsinki and Espoo.

Aviation Museum and Heureka are experiences for the whole family. Aviation Museum is next to Helsinki Airport and it mainly showcases airplanes designed and used by Finns. Heureka is a science center for kids and adults alike, where the visitor will always find new scientific discoveries.

You will not be bored in Vantaa, as it offers you both shopping center Jumbo and Entertainment Center Flamingo. In addition, great transport connections guarantee access even to other shopping and entertainment centers.

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Avara’s rental apartments in Vantaa

Avara has interesting rental apartments for different types of needs around Vantaa. Finland’s fourth largest city offers great transport connections to Helsinki and the world, spectacular shopping possibilities, interesting urban culture, edgy street art and idyllic nature. For example, our popular Kartanonkoski location close to the airport is perfect even for a more demanding family. Our small apartment buildings in Myyrmäki combine nature with the versatile services of Myyrmäki’s center. The apartment buildings in Leinelä were completed in 2012, and they are conveniently right next to the railway station.

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Avara’s rental apartments in Hiekkaharju

Our apartment building in Hiekkaharju was completed in 2013 and it’s located amidst calm fields, within a convenient walking distance from the Hiekkaharju railway station. The area is popular among families and has excellent opportunities for outdoor recreation activities. Right next to the area is a disc golf course, and Hiekkaharju Sports Park allows for track and field sports and ball games on lawns. Daily life is facilitated by the extensive services nearby in Tikkurila and Koivukylä.

Avara’s rental apartments in Kartanonkoski

Kartanonkoski is an immensely popular, park-like milieu and Avara has apartments in a gorgeous Art Nouveau building. The location is especially popular among families with children, and it’s located approximately one kilometer from the enormous shopping center Jumbo. The airport is just moments away by car. The area also has an international school.

Avara’s rental apartments in Leinelä

Our apartment building from 2012 is located right next to the Leinelä railway station. In this home, you can exercise in beautiful forest and park areas and enjoy the variety of services within walking distance. Leinelä is especially popular among young couples and families.

Avara’s rental apartments in Mikkola

Our spacious apartments in Mikkola are in a quaint, peaceful area in the middle of nature, on a cul-de-sac. These homes are within walking distance from all daily services, kindergartens and schools.

Avara’s rental apartments in Myyrmäki

Avara’s small apartment buildings in Myyrmäki are in a great spot, at the perfect distance from the railroad, on the edge of idyllic fields. These homes are within walking distance from Myyrmäki’s center and Myyrmanni shopping center, and thanks to the new Ring Rail Line, public transport connections are excellent. Our Myyrmäki apartments are in high demand, especially among families with children. The three-story building does not have an elevator.

Avara’s rental apartments in Tammisto

Avara has cozy apartment buildings in Tammisto with great price-quality ratio, perfect for students or young couples. The lush area close to the nature has excellent opportunities for outdoor activities and the River Vantaa flows just a stone’s throw away. Even all daily services from grocery stores to larger specialty stores can be found close-by.