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Avara has joined #BuildingLife

14.11.2022 | Read time 1 min
Avara has joined #BuildingLife

Avara has joined the programme of the #BuildingLife project and is committed to working toward a carbon neutral built environment by the year 2035 in accordance with the common goals of the real estate and construction sector. Avara is also committed to drawing up an action plan, which will be used to develop Avara's business activities toward carbon neutrality. BuilldingLife Avara ENG

The carbon footprint of housing and properties has been a key corporate responsibility theme at Avara for several years. Joining the #BuildingLife project is a natural part of Avara's sustainability work. 

We are committed to reducing the climate and environmental impacts of housing and increasing the efficiency of resource use through actions with measurable impacts and with a long-term view. Smart heating control, energy-efficient new construction and the use of renewable energy sources reduce the climate impact of housing while also saving costs. Going forward, we will increasingly adopt new and innovative solutions and technologies to reduce our carbon footprint, says Tuomas Rantsi, Chief Operating Officer at Avara.


For more information, please contact:

Tuomas Rantsi, COO, Avara Oy,, tel. +358 40 838 5276


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