Property management

Our goal is the best customer experience among tenants and property owners in the business.

Property management services

For us, property management is more than just excellence in properties’ life-cycle management and in technical and administrative building management. The active management of a good tenant experience is a crucial aspect of rental operations when pursuing the best overall returns.

Our property management services include rental activities and customer service as well as the properties’ technical and administrative property management. The strength of our operating model is based on property management as well as the seamless combination of customer experience and asset management producing added value. 

Focusing on the customer experience

Our goal is the best customer experience among tenants and property owners in the business. We follow customer experience at all stages of housing and use this information for continuous development. We serve customers in different channels individually, kindly, and swiftly. Avara’s operating methods are the same across the country, which means consistent quality in our services.


  • Life-cycle management property management
  • The management of housing customer relationships
  • Rental operations and customer service
  • Financial administration
  • Technical property management
  • Renovation project management

We manage with knowledge

The value of our property management’s service model is based on the process efficiency produced by digitalisation and the best possible understanding of properties and customers generated with the help of data. Our ambition is to be a pioneer in knowledge management.

Nationwide efficiency – local services

Our nationally local operating model brings together the scaling benefits of centralised service production and procurement and the local technical management of properties and tenant services. We operate in some 30 localities in the regions of Helsinki, Lahti, Jyväskylä, Tampere, and Oulu. 

The customer services, renting, and marketing, financial administration as well as technical building management and life-cycle management services of investments are produced centrally. Locally, we ensure the success of technical maintenance and servicing as well as tenant services.