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Avara involved in launching Green Homes sustainability initiative focused on rental housing

21.09.2022 | Read time 3 min
Avara involved in launching Green Homes sustainability initiative focused on rental housing

Avara Oy and six other professional real estate companies launch the Green Homes sustainability programme focusing on rental housing together with Kiinteistönomistajat and rakennuttajat Rakli ry. All the parties involved belong to the Action Plan for Rental Housing Communities under the Real Estate Energy Efficiency Agreement and are committed to achieving zero energy emissions by 2030.

In addition to Avara, participants to Green Homes include Keva, Kruunuasunnot, LähiTapiola Kiinteistövarainhoito, OP Kiinteistösijoitus, SATO and Sivakka Group. The Green Home tenants regularly receive information about housing-related climate emissions.

Housing accounts for around one third of the carbon footprint of Finns. Professional landlords have long been working on sustainability in the properties they own, and now they are involving tenants even more closely in this work. In the Green Homes programme, residents receive information from their landlords about housing-related climate emissions and guidance on everyday climate actions, says Aija Tasa from Rakli.

Over 4,000 Avara rental apartments to join Green Homes

In the early stage, 122 Avara properties with a total of more than 4,000 rental apartments will be joining the Green Homes programme. A commitment to the energy efficiency agreement for rental housing (VAETS) has been made with regard to the Green Homes properties, and measures to improve energy efficiency will be reported on annually. In addition, the aim is to achieve the World Green Building Council's Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment by 2030. 

The carbon footprint of housing and real estate is a key corporate responsibility theme at Avara, and we have invested in reducing the climate and environmental burden for years. With the Green Homes initiative, we will also be focusing more on resident communication and providing guidance to residents on energy saving, says Tuomas Rantsi, COO at Avara.


More information:

Tuomas Rantsi, COO, Avara Oy,,  040 838 5276


The Green homes initiative is part of the sustainability work done by professional property owners. At the heart of this work is the cooperation between the landlord and the tenant with the aim of climate-resilient living. Residents receive apartment-specific CO2 emissions information from their landlords. In addition, buildings owned by Green Home participants will be carbon-neutral in terms energy by 2030 at the latest. Read more at