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More than 4,000 Avara homes included in the international Net Zero Carbon Buildings commitment

01.02.2023 | Read time 2 min
More than 4,000 Avara homes included in the international Net Zero Carbon Buildings commitment

Avara has signed the World Green Building Council's Net Zero Carbon Buildings commitment. With this commitment, Avara aims to achieve carbon neutrality in energy use in buildings and zero emissions from construction by 2030. The commitment concerns the Avara Amplus real estate fund, which comprises more than 4,000 affordable rental apartments across Finland. 

The international commitment is backed by major players such as the C40 network of cities, the World Green Building Council and the Climate Group. A signed, public commitment is not only a recognition of the urgency of action, but also a significant opportunity for signatories to raise the level of ambition for the industry as a whole.


The Net Zero Carbon Building commitment requires that by 2030:
•    Existing buildings are highly energy-efficient and use mainly renewable energy.
•    The climate emissions caused by refrigerant leaks are also taken into account.
•    Pre-use product-related emissions from new developments and major renovations are reduced as much as possible.
•    Residual emissions are compensated for.

In practice, signatories report and verify:
•    The energy consumption, energy efficiency improvements and reduced emissions of their respective real estate portfolios and progress towards a net zero carbon portfolio.
•    Product-related emissions are calculated over the whole life cycle according to EN 15978 or other accepted national standard. In addition, offsets and progress towards net zero embodied carbon assets and portfolio are reported.

The content of the commitment and all its signatories can be found on the World Green Building Council Finland website. The commitment has previously been signed by five Finnish organisations.


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Tuomas Rantsi, COO, Avara Oy,, 040 838 5276

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