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Leading residential real estate investment and asset management company in Finland. We manage residential real estate in several funds with aggregated value over €1 billion.

Client-focused real estate investment solutions

Avara offers client-focused real estate investment solutions through multiple structures, seeking to maximise risk-adjusted returns. We act as a valued, trustworthy and well-respected strategic partner for investors seeking to invest in residential real estate in Finland.


Our services

Investment management

Our capabilities reach across the risk / return spectrum, ranging from core to value-add and opportunistic strategies. We offer investors an access to our diverse product range across open- and closed-ended private funds and separately managed accounts.

Our investor base range from institutions, family-owned investments companies to investment managers, investing in residential real estate. We deliver more than a project. We define and manage investment strategies, source the deal-flow, transactions and real estate development from beginning to end – handling every detail on behalf of investor – in order to deliver the largest return on investment.

Our investment management includes defining investment strategies, analysing and structuring investment opportunities, financing, equity raising and transactions.

Asset management

Our operational platform consists of full service asset management focusing on proactive, hands-on operations to create value. Customer relations are the core of our approach and in order to maximize the outcome, we co-operate with local property management and service companies nationwide.

We believe real estate is in itself local asset class that requires on the ground knowledge and networks to provide superior investment opportunities. Our entrepreneurial, committed and experienced team of real estate professionals differentiates us from other investment partners.

Our team and our extensive network has a deep understanding of local markets, ensuring that we are well placed to identify underlying fundamental value and opportunities. This market proximity allows us to source and execute property transactions as a local strategic partner backed by our wide network.



Avara believes, that environmental, social and financial matters are essential parts of responsible and sustainable investment. We measure our responsibility and sustainability based on criteria defined for real estate sector.

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The Avara team consists of 25 professionals creating highly experienced team with each having 10 to 20yrs+ experience from residential construction, property development, asset management, property management to PE transactions, finance and business consultations.


Mika Savolainen

As CEO, Mika has led Avara to its new success and growth following the change in the Avara’s business logic. Under Mika's leadership, Avara has become a major player in the Finnish residential real estate market. In addition to this Avara is measurably the most reliable and responsible strategic partner for residential real estate investors. 

Mika has more than 20 years of successful career in various managing roles in real estate business. Mika has acquired the basic knowledge for the residential real estate investment during his years in a construction company both on site and as a project manager for demanding projects.

Mika has expanded his professional knowhow in investment field by leading a public owner-operator organization that was responsible for asset and property management of a significant real estate portfolio. After that Mika acted as the Business Director of the largest property management company in Finland.

Mika holds an M.Sc. in Engineering majoring in Construction Economics. Mika is currently studying an EMBA degree in Real Estate and Construction.

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Harri Retkin

Harri is responsible for all new transactions, investment solutions and fund raising at Avara. He has been the key player in turning Avara as respected and trustworthy strategic partner for both international and domestic investors seeking to invest in Residential in Finland. In addition to Investment Management he is responsible of Financial Management and IT at Avara.

He has a strong track record and over 12 years of broad experience in the field of real-estate, transactions, finance and consulting. Harri is active and result-driven executive inspired by lean and growth focused business with analytical and entrepreneurial mindset for strategic business planning and strive to continuous improvement. Prior he joined Avara Harri held several positions at PwC.

Harri holds an M.Sc in economics and majoring in finance and accounting.

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Tuomas Rantsi

Tuomas is a hard core real estate development and investment specialist. In Avara Tuomas is responsible for generating new investment properties, real estate development and construction management. After joining Avara Tuomas has led Avara’s investment and construction volume up to 1.000 apartments in a year.

Tuomas has worked over 17 years within real estate and construction field and has wide experience in residential, service apartment, office, hotel and retail development, real estate investment, leasing, transactions, business development, customer experience and project management. Before Avara Tuomas has worked in several executive and management positions in Skanska, SRV, Sponda and Saraco. Tuomas is very energetic person who is goal oriented and loves to attack and resolve challenges.

Tuomas holds an M.Sc in technology and majoring in construction economics and facility management.

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We manage around 8.000
residential apartments worth over
€ 1.2 billion in six portfolios.

Residential A

Residential real-estate portfolio consisting of ca. 4.700 apartment and 270.000 sqm nationwide. Most of the asset are subsidised rental apartment. We have been consistently generated 8% annual cash flow for invested equity.

Residential P

Residential real-estate portfolio consisting of 2.700 apartments and ca. 158.000 sqm nationwide. Portfolio consists of ground-up residential development apartments built between 1995-2002. Portfolio is in a development phase. Avara has overall responsibility of management and development delivering excess risk-adjusted return of 20 % to invested capital. Management has also included a real-estate development of former head-quarter from office to student housing facilities.

Residential AR

Closed PE fund for domestic institutional, family and other professional investors. Core fund which is focused on ground-up residential development using Avara’s pro-found and extensive knowledge on residential real estate development.

Residential T

Residential real-estate portfolio consisting of 550 apartments and ca. 33.000 sqm nationwide. Inefficiently managed value-add portfolio, which needed management turnaround. First year’s achievements being +3% increase in NOI yield.

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