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Maritime Kotka is a lively place to live in

Maritime Kotka is a lively place to live in Kotka is situated on the Gulf of Finland and is the second largest city in the Kymenlaakso region. The maritime city with approximately 55,000 residents is full of events due to its unique location. The Port of HaminaKotka is one of the largest ports in Finland and the area’s Kantasatama marina has been transformed into an enjoyable cultural marina with plenty to offer for both residents and tourists.

Kotka offers maritime sights in Maritime Center Vellamo that includes Kymenlaakso Museum, the Maritime Museum of Finland and Information Center Vellamo. And we should not forget the famous Kotka Maritime Festival that brings visitors even from further away. Kotka also offers you plenty of shopping as it has south-east Finland’s second largest shopping center Pasaati as well as many small and unique boutiques. In addition, Kotka is also known for its beautiful park areas right next to the sea.

Avara’s Kotka locations offer their residents the peaceful lapping of the waves and the eventful life at the center of Kotka. Kotka is a lively maritime city that guarantees diverse services and unforgettable experiences.

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Avara’s rental apartments in Kotka

Kotka’s residents love the maritime atmosphere and parks in their city. Kotka combines maritime nature with urban life full of culture and events. Avara’s rental apartment selection in Kotka has modern apartment buildings right next to the marina, urban city-center homes next to all the shops and idyllic row houses in a green neighborhood made up of small houses.

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Avara’s rental apartments in Hirssaari

In our modern Hirssaari apartment building, you will be living at the marina in the middle of a gorgeous sea landscape, less than three kilometers from the city center. The lush and maritime Hirssaari neighborhood was constructed as a Housing Fair area in the early 2000s. Avara’s location was completed in 2006. The pleasant and peaceful area has mostly owner-occupied single-family houses. Kotilo kindergarten and a grocery store are just a short walk away.

Avara’s rental apartments in Karhula

Avara has cozy apartment buildings in Karhula and Helilä. Karhula is Kotka’s second center, so stores, schools, health services and the jobs at Karhula Industrial Park are close-by. The busy Karhula marketplace is also close-by. Our Suntionkatu location is a bit further from the very center of Karhula, right next to the prized Jokipuisto Park, Karhula indoor swimming pool and Helilä School.

Avara’s rental apartments in Kotkansaari

Kotka’s number one city center is on Kotkansaari, which, as the Finnish name indicates, is truly on an island. Avara’s cozy apartment buildings at the center of Kotka are a perfect choice for urban residents. In Kotkansaari, you will have diverse shopping, restaurants and cultural services just around the corner. Even schools and a kindergarten are conveniently close. Especially our Ajurinkatu location combines the hustle and bustle of the city with life at the seashore. Our Puutarhakatu locations are just a stone’s throw away from the prized Sapokka Water Park and Sapokka marina, which has convenient access to the Kotka archipelago by boat. Also the spectacular Katariina Seaside Park is within walking distance from all of our locations.

Avara’s rental apartments in Suulisniemi

Avara has idyllic row houses in the esteemed Suulisniemi neighborhood of small homes, where our residents have truly felt at home. The lush and peaceful area is within easy reach of Karhula and its extensive services. Daily services, such as a school and a grocery store, are just a few minutes away on foot. Nature is directly accessible from your front door.