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Kouvola allows for an active lifestyle in the middle of nature

Kouvola is a quiet city, home to approximately 85,000 residents and surrounded by nature. Kouvola’s natural areas provide its residents an active lifestyle surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Tourists can even hike at the Repovesi National Park.

Kouvola is made even more enjoyable by its convenient connections to everywhere in Finland. The transport connections are good both by car or train as Kouvola is situated at a railroad junction. Besides the convenient connections, Kouvola offers its residents year-round culture and events. The awaited highlights are, for example, Dekkaripäivät (’detective story days’), music festival Pioneerifestivaali and the Night of the Arts. In addition, Kouvola has amusement park Tykkimäki which is popular with the kids.

Avara’s Kouvola locations are close to nature, while offering an appropriate dose of the hustle and bustle of a city. Kouvola is perfect for residents who want some adventure in the forests and to enjoy the peace that only nature can offer.

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Avara’s rental apartments in Kouvola

Kouvola, with its 87,000 residents, is situated along the Kymi River, and combines peace and proximity to nature with great transit connections, extensive services and an affordable price level. Avara has rental apartments in two cozy locations in Kouvola. For example, the Vahtero area is an ideal choice for a family with children. The apartment building in Marjoniemi offers unique living in unique barrack surroundings.

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Avara’s rental apartments in Marjoniemi

Avara’s apartment building in the Marjoniemi barrack area was built in 1913 and has a great historical spirit. This location is perfect for someone who values unique surroundings. The cozy housing cooperative is in a lush, sheltered location, just a short walk from Kouvola city center. For example, the health station is less than half a kilometer away.

Avara’s rental apartments in Vahtero

Avara has family row house units in the popular Vahtero neighborhood, made up of small houses. The lush, park-like area offers excellent opportunities for recreational activities and outdoor exercise. The city center is only two kilometers away and schools, a grocery store and a library are less than one kilometer away. Mielakka Ski Resort is 1.5 kilometers away.