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Lahti is the city of sports and design

Lahti is the city of sports and design Lahti is a well-known ski city with 120,000 residents. The city organizes the Finlandia Ski Marathon and the Lahti Ski Festival, which are among the toughest sporting events in Finland. Many Finns follow them year after year.

In addition, Lahti has Institute of Design, which the locals call ’Muotsikka’. The institute is rather small, yet well-known internationally. For example, both clothing designer Katri Niskanen and Harri Koskinen, who designed the popular Block lamp, attended the institute. New, fabulous Finnish design is constantly created in Lahti. There are also other recreational activities available for residents. For example, a relaxing summer evening cruise or a refreshing jaunt in nature will inspire you in the middle of the daily grind.

Avara’s Lahti locations are suitable for an active resident with a twinkle in their eye. Lahti also welcomes families with children and students who want to live in a nice community close to the countryside.

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Avara’s rental apartments in Lahti

Avara has great apartment buildings in the nicest parts of Lahti, a city with 120,000 residents. In the Kartano and Ankkuri areas, you will live next to the Lahti marina, gorgeous hiking paths of Vesijärvi, and one of our country’s finest event venues, the Sibelius Hall. Our Asemantausta location is within walking distance from the city center and the unique Laune Family Park. The quiet Laune locations are well-suited for small families.

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Avara’s rental apartments in Kartano and Ankkuri

Avara has comfortable apartment buildings in the desired Kartano and Ankkuri areas, right next to Lake Vesijärvi. The park-like area has gorgeous lakeshore views and its paths invite you for walks and bike rides. In the winter, the ice on Vesijärvi Lake is filled with skiers and tour skaters. Admire the Lahti Symphony Orchestra in the spectacular Sibelius Hall next-door and enjoy the year-round events at the Lahti marina. The city center is 1.5 kilometers away, and easily accessible by bike, but if necessary, even the bus connections are excellent.

Avara’s rental apartments in Asemantausta

Avara’s Asemantausta apartment building is in a quaint, park-like area, just a kilometer from downtown Lahti and the Matkakeskus transit center. The amazing Laune Family Park with its versatile activities is just a short walk away. A bowling alley and a petting zoo are also right next-door. Larger grocery stores can be found in the markets in the Laune area.

Avara’s rental apartments in Laune

Avara’s Laune locations are in the perfect spot for a family with children, right next to the amazing Laune Family Park. You can also find a petting zoo just a couple of blocks from our Rahikankatu location. Both of our Laune locations are in peaceful areas, on cul-de-sacs. Daily shopping is easily taken care of at the markets in the area. The Kivikatu location is just a couple of hundred meters from the nearest grocery store. Even schools are close-by. Downtown Lahti is two kilometers away and the Matkakeskus transport center just a kilometer away.