Avara’s residential apartments in the Tampere region

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The Tampere region, surrounded by lakes, is a hotspot for growth in Finland

Tampere region with over 300,000 residents is located between the beautiful Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi lakes. It’s for good reason that the region has been called the most magnetic residential area in Finland. Traditionally, the industrial city is known from the red-brick factory chimneys by Tammerkoski rapids. The area is growing at tremendous speed, which can be clearly seen by the massive developmental projects in the city and the surrounding area, such as the construction of a tramway that began in 2017.

Relaxed Tampere is known for sports, cultural events and rock music. Many out-of-towners have said that they received a very warm and open welcome in the city. Nevertheless, every resident knows that the Tammerkoski rapids divide the city into east and west, and growing up on one side means you will still be looking for a home on that side when you retire. Besides choosing between east and west, a new resident in the city will likely also have to choose between the ice hockey teams Ilves and Tappara very soon after they move in.

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Avara’s residential apartments in the Tampere region

Besides Tampere, Avara also has a variety of rental apartments in Ylöjärvi, Kangasala and Nokia. Someone who enjoys lakes and nature will see that the growing Tampere region offers the services of a big city in a compact manner and as an alternative to those who find the hustle and bustle and price level of the capital area a bit too much.

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Avara’s rental apartments in Ala-Pispala

The lush Ala-Pispala is one of the most popular Avara locations in Tampere. This town by the city center has long traditions and the residents enjoy the casual and youthful area. Our balcony access block is known for its gardens and vegetable patches. The location is within good transport connections, approximately 3 kilometers from the city, close to a lake and a ridge. Thanks to the safe yard and communal spirit, the location is perfect for small and large families.

Avara’s rental apartments in Haapalinnankylä

Avara’s locations in Haapalinnankylä entice young families, students and families with children. This lush area, known for its red-brick apartment buildings, offers versatile, luminous and spacious apartments. The near-by park, a bird pond and trails at Ranta-Kaarila invite especially those who enjoy nature. The locations are a few kilometers from the city center with good bus connections. The highway is also close-by and easy to access by car. The extensive services in Lielahti are just a stone’s throw away and residents in Haapalinnankylä will be able to enjoy the constantly developing services in the surrounding areas as well.

Avara’s rental apartments in Härmälänranta

The residential Härmälänranta area is on the south shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi, next to the Härmälä area, approximately five kilometers from downtown Tampere. In 2016, Härmälänranta was one of the biggest construction hubs in the Pirkanmaa region. Härmälänranta is growing quickly and is estimated to have approximately 4,500 residents. A kindergarten, a school, a grocery store and good public transport connections are in the immediate vicinity of the area. Avara’s new Härmälänranta apartments were completed in the spring of 2018. The location will have versatile and different types of apartments with well-designed floor plans.

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Avara’s rental apartments in Hatanpää

Hatanpää by the city center has been one of the most quickly developing areas in Tampere. The area has seen a lot of new construction in recent years, but currently, the area is peaceful without construction sites. Avara’s unique and modern Hatanpää location has large, luminous windows and beautiful views. The area has many jobs and services and Hatanpää high school is close-by. In addition, nature-lovers can enjoy the beautiful Hatanpää Arboretum Park and hiking paths of Pyhäjärvi Lake right next-door.

Avara’s rental apartments in Hervanta

Hervanta is called a city within a city, and for good reason. The area can sustain you with whatever you need. Known as one of the biggest technology hubs in Finland, Hervanta has been modernized within the last decade. A growing number of business premises and the experts at Tampere University of Technology draw in businesses at an accelerating pace. Hervanta is within good public transport connections from the city, approximately 10 kilometers away. The area can even be accessed conveniently by car. The area will greatly benefit from the tramway, set to be completed in 2021. Hervanta is known for its affordable living costs, and most of the residents are students and young families, and the area’s popularity keeps on growing. Hervanta is surrounded by forests and lakes and offers excellent opportunities for recreational activities and outdoor exercise. In addition, the extensive educational selection is a great addition to the versatile basic services.

Avara’s rental apartments in Holvasti

Avara has row houses and balcony access blocks in the park-like Holvasti, approximately 10 kilometers east of the city center. In the summers, the safe area is colored by rose bushes. The area consists of single-family houses and row houses, and many people who moved to Holvasti have stayed in the area and just adjusted the size of their home according to their changing needs. Avara has one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments in Holvasti, suitable for couples and families. Kindergartens and schools are close-by. Public transport buses stop within walking distance and the extensive services of the Koilliskeskus center in Linnainmaa and the new residential areas in Kangasala also serve Holvasti.

Avara’s rental apartments in Janka

Avara’s spacious and well-planned apartments in Janka are an excellent choice for those who want good connections to TAYS hospital or the ice stadium. Janka offers extensive suburban services and our apartments are located just by the terminus of a bus line. The area is also served by the rapid growth of the surrounding areas, especially Kaleva and its commercial center.

Avara’s rental apartments in the center of Kangasala

Avara’s Kangasala location is along public transport lines approximately 16 kilometers from downtown Tampere, close to Kangasala’s services, church and indoor swimming pool. This location consists of an apartment building with an elevator and a balcony access block, and they are right next to an old-age home and well-suited for retirees, thanks to the daytime activities. The location has good storage facilities and is therefore popular with families with children. There is a school campus close-by, with Pirkkola middle and high schools as well as a campus for Tampere vocational college Tredu, set to be completed in the fall of 2018. Kangasala with its ridge is known for its light-traffic routes and biking paths as well as the beautiful hiking areas. Avara’s location is next to the Kirkkojärvi nature path and a disc golf course.

Avara’s rental apartments in Korkinmäki

Our Korkinmäki locations are along good transport connection routes between the city center and Hervanta, in the vicinity of the services at Turtola shopping center and a Steiner school. The lush two-story balcony access block location and the nearby brook have been especially enticing for families with children and pet-owners. The Muotiala neighborhood, which is made up of small houses, and new rental apartments next to Korkinmäki have made the area even more interesting.

Avara’s rental apartments in Lentävänniemi

Lentävänniemi is known for its light pastel houses and it’s one of the most popular Avara locations in western Tampere. The spacious row house with a courtyard is almost at the lakeshore, on a cul-de-sac. The lake can be accessed by a charming path between the house and the lake. The Lentävänniemi location has been popular among families with children and pet-owners.

Avara’s rental apartments in Lielahti

Lielahti is one of the areas that the city of Tampere has put a lot of effort in. Avara’s Lielahti location is within walking distance from a commercial center and within quick transport connections from the city center and Ylöjärvi. Despite the tightly constructed area, it has retained its lush nature. The small and charming housing cooperative by Lake Näsijärvi and green outdoor areas is a well-liked location, preferred especially by families with children.

Avara’s rental apartments in Linnainmaa

Linnainmaa is one of eastern Tampere’s most developed areas in recent years. The service center Koilliskeskus includes grocery stores Prisma and K-Citymarket as well as versatile exercise possibilities and excellent services. Kindergartens and schools located close-by have drawn families with children into the area for years. The proximity to commercial and extensive health services also makes it a convenient area for seniors. Avara’s lush and cozy location in Linnainmaa is approximately 10 kilometers from the city center. The city center and TAYS hospital, among others, are within good transport connections.

Avara’s rental apartments in the center of Nokia

Avara’s downtown Nokia location is a favorite especially among families and sports enthusiasts. The apartments have spacious rooms and well-designed floor plans. The resident turnover is low, and residents tend to live in the location in the spirit of owner-occupied apartments. Besides schools, you can also find Nokia’s sports field, versatile exercise services, the city’s park for biking, sledding and running as well as the outdoor areas by Lake Vihnus close-by. In 2017, a new and large Prisma center was completed nearby to support the area’s basic services.

Avara’s rental apartments in Ylöjärvi

Avara’s Ylöjärvi location has one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments and it is known for its good and unique floor plans. The location is peaceful and child-friendly, right by the town church. The location has lush backyards and the nearby exercise possibilities offer something for everyone, from ice hockey to floorball and from futsal to badminton. Besides the services in the town center, shopping center Elo offers extensive services just a few minutes away by car. The enticing residential area is approximately 15 kilometers from downtown Tampere and very popular in the Tampere city region, which can also be seen in the number of applicants for Avara’s Ylöjärvi location.