Avara’s rental apartments in Turku and Raisio

Avara’s rental apartments in Turku and RaisioReliable rental living for all life situations

Turku and Raisio offer fresh culture and urban vibes

Finland’s oldest city and the center of the Varsinais-Suomi region are at the mouth of river Aura, right next to the Finnish Archipelago Sea. The city has approximately 190,000 residents and it’s Finland’s third largest urban area after Helsinki and Tampere. Finland’s first capital Turku is nowadays known as a fresh culture and summer city that offers a variety of excellent opportunities for outdoor recreation activities that suit all tastes. Turku is perfect for young students, families and older residents due to its versatile and extensive accommodation, service and public transport offering.

Turku’s popular neighbor Raisio is just a stone’s throw from Turku. It can be reached in 15 minutes by car as the distance is only 7 kilometers. Daily life is easy in Raisio, as the city of 25,000 residents has everything close-by: Raisio offers all public and private services for different age groups. Raisio also has excellent settings for exercise and culture, as the city has different kinds of sports fields, fitness trails and sports centers. For families, Raisio has all educational services from elementary school to high school.

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Avara’s rental apartments in Turku and Raisio

Avara offers its residents in its Turku and Raisio locations fresh culture and urban vibes with good transport connections—and let’s not forget the beautiful coastal views.

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Avara’s rental apartments in Martti, Turku

Avara has completely renewed, modern and trendy locations in the old industrial Martti area by river Aura. Martti is approximately two kilometers from downtown Turku. Martti used to be known as a working-class area but is now one of Turku’s most esteemed and highly valued areas. Avara’s luminous locations in Martti have been especially popular with young people, but they are equally suitable for all residents.

Avara’s rental apartments in Raisio city center and Kerttula

Avara has popular locations close to the nature in Raisio city center and Kerttula. Kerttula is Raisio’s biggest area when measured by population size. The area is within a short walk from the city center services. Kerttula also includes Kerttula School, a sports center and a health center. The locations in the city center and Kerttula were built at the end of 1990s and each apartment has a sauna and a balcony. The locations have spacious and quaint yards that raise the comfort of living in the beautiful residential area.