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Avara achieved Great Place to Work certification

02.06.2022 | Read time 3 min
Avara achieved Great Place to Work certification

In the spring of 2022, Avara commissioned the Great Place to Work® Trust Index ™ Personnel Survey for the first time. Thanks to great results, we achieved Great Place to Work certification.

Great Place to Work certification™ is a sign of a comfortable workplace

Avara is an expert organization for which employees are a very important resource. There is a desire to bring equality, working together, responsibility and ethical practices into everyone's everyday working life. In previous personnel surveys, the work atmosphere has been described as inspiring and open. This spring, we wanted to study Avara's work environment even more closely.

Great Place to Work Certification ™ is a nationally and globally known recognition of a company’s good employee experience. A company with more than 10 employees will be certified if the Great Place to Work® Trust Index ™ personnel survey shows that employees feel comfortable in their workplace and trust their employer. Recognition is reliable because it is based purely on employee responses.

"Great staff with very good communication. Great to come to work every day."

Employee's answer in the personnel survey

Each Avara employee responded to the Trust Index™ personnel survey

Personnel surveys are used to find out the actual experience of employees in their workplace. The Great Place to Work® Trust Index™ is based on data and understanding of employee experience and corporate culture gathered over 30 years, with a particular focus on five focus areas for a good workplace: credibility, respect, fairness, pride and togetherness. If the results obtained meet certain criteria, the company will receive Great Place to Work certification™.

A questionnaire was sent to every Avara employee. The precondition for certification is a sufficiently high number of responses, which was certainly met at Avara, as everyone responded to the survey. The certification is valid for one year.

"Every person is valued as an individual and it is understood that there are more important things in life than work. New ideas are listened to and they can be tried fairly freely, and continuous development is encouraged."

Employee's answer in the personnel survey

93% consider Avara a really good working place

The Trust Index ™ personnel survey measures employee experience compared to a typical Finnish company. In a typical Finnish company, 38% say that the company as a whole is a really good working place. At Avara, as many as 93% of employees have this opinion.

  • 96% say that at Avara, people are treated equally regardless of sexual orientation.
  • According to 96%, people are treated equally at Avara, regardless of origin.
  • 96% think that Avara's employees are treated equally, regardless of gender.
  • 93% of Avara's employees feel that Avara is a physically safe workplace.
  • 93% of Avara's employees say they can be themselves in the workplace.

93 % of employees consider Avara a really good working place.