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Avara buys geothermal heat as a service

27.10.2023 | Read time 2 min
Avara buys geothermal heat as a service

Aitoenergia's service brings environmental benefits and savings

Avara makes its properties more environmentally friendly with a geothermal service. The company has agreed on cooperation with Aitoenergia with the goal of reducing the costs and environmental impact of properties. In the first phase, the geothermal service will be introduced in four properties in the capital region.

The most important reasons for Avara to choose this new way of acquiring heat are decreasing emissions, savings in heating energy and the ease of the service.

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve the energy efficiency of our property portfolio in an economically viable way. It is of primary importance to Avara that the chosen solutions mitigate the climate burden of housing, save costs and are sustainable in the long term. Introducing geothermal heat as a service enables all of this without large upfront investments, says Tuomas Rantsi, Chief Operating Officer at Avara.

At the properties in question, district heating will be replaced by geothermal heating by the end of 2023. In the turnkey delivery, Aitoenergia is responsible for the system design, technical building services and providing information to residents, among other things. The electrical energy used by Aitoenergia is completely CO2-free.

Aitoenergia is responsible for the functionality and efficiency of the geothermal system throughout the contract period. The company also continuously monitors the operation of the geothermal equipment and carries out the necessary service and repairs. Aitoenergia's comprehensive service provides real estate investors with a carefree and cost-effective way to introduce geothermal heat extensively.

We're excited to partner with a pioneer like Avara. We believe that with the geothermal service, the value of properties will increase and energy costs will be under control, says Tuomas Humalajoki, CEO of Aitoenergia.


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Tuomas Rantsi, COO, Avara,, +358 040 838 5276

Tuomas Humalajoki, CEO, Aitoenergia,, +358 50 571 4041